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Praetorians Section Launched! - 24 Jan 2006

Ave friends! Welcome to our Praetorians fansite section!

This game may be out for a while already, but that's not to say that this game is dead. In fact, it's one of the most popular games played on GameSpy, and then again; what's a Pyro Studios fansite without a Praetorians section..?  

If you think you're an uber fan of Praetorians and is "the-one-who-knows" when it comes to this game, well then, tell us something about Cimmeria... What? You don't know Cimmeria? Shame on you! Here at TAFN we always treat our visitors with something exclusive, and in this case it's a page dedicated to Cimmeria; Praetorians' original design concept. On this page you can find a large collection of rare screenshots, artworks and even a trailer! Go check it out!

Now, have fun looking around (apart from Cimmeria, we have more stuff you probably haven't seen before!) Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more content later on. For the Senate and the Roman people!

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Looking for Prey staff! - 15 Jan 2006

Well look at that it appears that we haven't wished our visitors and everyone else a Happy New Year so of all people I have to wish you [fill in whatever it is you wish here].

With that out of the way it's time to move on.

We are looking for staff to help us to start and maintain a new site for our network.

The game would be Prey a very promising title developed by Human Head in co-operation with 3DRealms (you know Duke Nukem and formerly know as Apogee which we have all played some game from when we were young(er).

Our placeholder site is already up @

Now onwards to the positions to fill in, shameless copy/paste from Rutam coming up:

Since this is a full fledged fansite, not just forums.. our focus will be on developing quality content. The network webmasters will assist the staff in filling up the content, but still the site will need a Webmaster to co-ordinate things. Here are some reqs. expected from the Webby  (the webmaster will appoint a co-webmaster if need be)

  • A veteran of the 3DR community, someone who knows everyone well..
  • Should be a good linguist - The network will extend it's gaming/press contacts to the webmaster, so this is a MUST!
  • Should have decent amt. of knowledge about the game, it's history.. (this is a no-brainer actually..)
  • Has to have basic HTML knowledge
  • Has to be 18+ and <50
  • Needs to have some experience with HTML editors and scripts
  • Should be of a sound mind
  • Should be a non-smoker (naah.. I am just kidding :P)

Apart from the Webmaster, the site will need quality news posting from News Posters. Some reqs. as follows :

  • An active member of the community
  • Should be a decent writer. ( One of the news posters will handle the game review as well {hopefully a preview too} )
  • Smartassness and a good sense of humour (unlike mine) will be a plus!
  • Should have decent amt. of knowledge about the game.
  • Has to have basic HTML knowledge ( most news posting will be done through a script.. so this isn't mandatory )
  • Should listen to Heavy-Metal ( wtf )

This core staff will later appoint forum moderators. After the launch, the network itself will have limited control over the site. It is upto the Webmaster, Co-webby and the news posters to take it wherever they want it to go. There won't be any creative restrictions, or censorship over the content thereafter.

Interested? Contact us at: , we're looking forward to your mail!

Prey Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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