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YouTube channel - 23 Aug 2007
You can now visit our very own official YouTube channel over at We haven't uploaded that many videos yet, but that should change soon. Especially since we already got our hands on a video of a game that has yet to be announced! A totally new intellectual property to be more precise. That means it has nothing to do with Praetorians; it's a totally new game (and it looks stunning!)

Well, if you already have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date. That way you'll be the first to learn about this new game.
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Technical site issues - 15 Jun 2007
We have some issues with the site after security updates from our server host's end. Therfor articles cannot be displayed properly. We are working towards a fix for this problem and will update this post as soon as issues have been resolved.

Everything is working correctly again!
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New website url - 26 Apr 2007
Good news! From today on you can reach our Praetorians section at We lost to some lame-ass commercial website because we never got a notification that our registration term was about to expire (won't happen again!)

We still have to update all banners and links to direct to the correct address, so there is a chance that you'll land in the wrong place sometimes. Expect that to be fixed by the end of this week.

We also have to thank Eidos for lending us this url. As you might remember the official Praetorians website used to be hosted here, but went offline ages ago. They're not planning to sell the url to us since they might still use it in the future (makes me wonder for what, since Pyro Studios is the only trademark holder of Praetorians). Anyway, that saves us 6 bucks a year. So thank you twice Eidos!
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Happy New Year! - 01 Jan 2007

We would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! We hope you have enjoyed New Years Eve and will make 2007 something special.

Speaking of special; this year TAFN is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We might have things coming up to celebrate this fact, but we're not promising anything as of yet.

Our new year's resolution is continuing to bring fans the latest news on Pyro Studios' games. We will also do major updating to our excisting game sections; expect a walkthrough for CSF and C3 soon (we know, a tad bit late), and we will also try to make the Downloads dB more user friendly. We will keep the same download system but will provide more detailed information about the files. We think especially our IG visitors will welcome this.

Well, we hope you will enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope you can look back with a good feeling on 2007 on December 31st!

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New Wii title in development - 25 Dec 2006

Pyro Studios is currently working on a new game for the Wii, as reported by Luis Fernandez (project leader of the game) on a Spanish radio station. The only details we have as of yet is that it's an adventure game and that the game is targetted for a 2008 release.

Really, that's all we know.

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Pyro Studios signs deal with AGEIA - 08 Nov 2006

Pyro Studios has signed a deal with AGEIA, in order to use AGEIA PhysX in its ambitious next generation game (remains unannounced as of yet), using top technology realistic physics.

AGEIA is dedicated to delivering dynamic interactive realism to the ever demanding complexity of next generation games. Its flagship solution, AGEIA PhysX, is the world's first dedicated physics engine and physics processor to bridge the gap between static virtual worlds and responsive unscripted physical reality. AGEIA PhysX allows developers to use active physics-based environments for a truly realistic entertainment experience.

For more information on AGEIA, please visit their website. And be sure to check out the gameplay videos of games using AGEIA PhysX and technology demos to see its power!

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Imperial Mod 4.1 - 30 Aug 2006

Must have missed this for err a long time, anyway Imperial Mod 4.1 is up for download over here the official site is just one click away.

The site is in Spanish and the google translated version isn't that more comprehensable.

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Re: Forum registration - 23 Feb 2006

Heyas all,

I'm getting some bounced e-mails with registration details of the forums in my mail box. In order to activate your account you need to provide a valid e-mail adress.

If you want I can register your account manually and set up the correct e-mail adress. Just drop me a line by clicking the contact button that's somewhere on this page, go on and find it 

We don't sell your e-mail adresses to advertisers or spammers if that's what you're worried about.

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