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Romeís major enemies in this period were the Celts and Germans in Gaul (Latin for land of the Celt), and the armies of Egypt and those of the East, Pontus and Parthia. The Gauls had a warrior aristocracy and placed great status on how many heads a warrior had taken in battle. They had archers, axe-men, spearmen and very good cavalry. They had great skill in skirmishing and hit and run attacks on the enemy on the move and isolated units.

Their bravery was legendary, and they followed their war chiefs or nobles to give them their right distinction, in any attack. Like the Samurai, cowardice was a terrible disgrace in their society. Unfortunately, their one weakness was in organization and control. Each noble would resent any overall commander, and attacks were made in mob order. Individual warriors would stride out of the ranks, calling out for individual combat with the legionaries. Of course the Romans didnít share the same code of honor, and responded with a pilum or an arrow instead.

The barbariansí reckless bravery was not enough to breach the locked shields of the Romans, and was no defense against the quick thrust of the stabbing sword. Gauls and Germans had long-swords that required a slashing movement which exposed the fighter to a much quicker stab from the legionary whilst their enemyís arm was raised. Gaulish cavalry was excellent, and was indeed much prized by Caesar as auxiliary units, but it could make little impact on a well-drilled legion.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
The Gaulish armies and the other Barbarian tribes have nowhere near the level of organization the Roman and Eastern armies demonstrate. The warriors in these armies will follow whomever they think will lead them to victory.
The Druids are priestly corps in charge of safeguarding the history and traditions of the Celtic tribes. They lead religious ceremonies and care for the diseased.
Infantrymen are the most basic troop amongst the Barbarian tribes. They are recruited from the strongest and most robust peasants. They are lightly armed and their main objective is to build and repair siege engines and defence towers. They are also in charge of building garrisons.
In terms of apprececiaton, archers are thought of as the lowest form of soldier amongst the Gaulish, German and Briton warriors. However, great quantities of fearsome Bowmen are used to harass Roman armies.
The Barbarians recruit Pikemen from the best infantrymen. They are then provided with a sharp iron headed spear, and their main function is to confront the enemy's cavalry. They are less flexible then than their Roman counterparts, but much more resistant to damage.
The tall, strong and savage looking Barbarian Warrior has terrorised the Midterranean for centuries. They are superior in one to one combat than any other type of infantry. However, they lack the discipline and flexibility that characterises the Legionaries.
Amongst the Gauls, Nobles are the most prestigious combat unit. This is why the Barbarians have the strongest and most heavily equipped cavalry, but this is at the cost of neglecting command in the infantry. As with all other cavalry troops, Nobles are vulnerable to spears and arrows and cannot penetrate dense forest.
Mounted Bowmen
Barbarian mounted bowmen are certainly better riders than Roman archers. However the combination of speed and offensive range ability make them the choise troop for harassing and disorganising the enemy on flat and open ground.
The Roman Legiones were masters of the battlefield for centuries, forcing the Barbarian tribes to learn guerilla warfare. The Barbarian hunters are the strongest most gifted and experienced of these guerillas. Their knowledge of forests allow them, given a few moments alone, hide them in a forest so as to make them completely invisible to any enemy that may come close to them.
The most savage Barbarian Warriors are armed with long swords, and they have no need for things like armour and helmets. When they fight against a large number of enemies, the swords of these warriors draw circles of death that damage more than one unit per strike.
German Cavalry
The best riders come from the hard and uncivilised German tribes. They are incredibly brave and are masters in the art of riding while attacking. Due to their densely forested German origins, these riders have no problem with difficult terrain.
Hawk Scout
Gaul scouts are an extremely important unit that are able to see through the eyes of Hawks and report on terrain from great hight.
Wolf Scout
This scout unit can control wolves that are able to report on activity in dense forest areas. This can warn the scout of any enemy ambush that may await there.
Catapults can throw big rocks in an arc, this allows the user to hit the enemy without disrupting their own defensive/offensive lines. They are however less then accurate when having to attack moving targets.
The Ballista has amazing destructive potential in the battlefield. Using the force of torsion from animal tendons and guts, it is capable of propelling huge wooden bolts in a straight trajectory. In this manner, the wooden bolts are capable of penetrating many enemy lines before comming to a halt.
Battering Ram
The Battering Ram is a siege weapon designed to survive long enough to reach the fortress gates and knock them down. They are also very usefull for destroying garrisons and defence towers.
Assault Ladder
Assault Ladders are the most basic fortress assault armament. They are however very weak but are able to move trough shallow water unlike other siege weapons.
Assault Tower
Assault Towers are enormous structures that can be pushed against the walls of an enemy fortress in order to gain acces to it. You can place up to three troops in a tower, they are aslo able to shoot from inside the tower if your troop has a range attack. Assault Towers cannot go up or down slopes.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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