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Praetorians Game Guide // 5. Campaign
Location: The Plains of Pharsalus, Central Greece.
Date: June 6, 48 BC.

- Destroy the Pompeian encampment.
- Quintus Tulius Cicero must survive.

Unit Control Points: 474/700.
Troop Control Points: 19/50.
Starting units: 3x Assault Ladders, Assault Tower, 2x Auxiliary Archers (30), 2x Auxiliary Infantry (30), 2x Balearic Slingers (16), Battering Ram, 4x Catapult, German Cavalry (12), Hawk Scout, 3x Legionaries (30), Physician, Praetorians (16), Quintus Tulius Cicero (Centurion, level 0).
Available units (varies by method):
- Roman: Archer Cavalry, Auxiliary Archers, Auxiliary Infantry, Balearic Slingers, Equites, Gladiators, Hawk Scout, Legionaries, Physician, Praetorians, Spearmen, Wolf Scout.
- Egyptian: Archers, Guardsmen, Hawk Scout, Nubian Archers, Priest, Slaves, Soldiers, Wolf Scout.
Available construction: Assault Ladder, Assault Tower, Ballista, Battering Ram, Catapult, Defensive Tower, repair.
                               .-' .  .'-.
                            .-' .    _  . '-.
                         .-'  .   6 |3| .    '-.
                      .-'  .            . ~     '-.
                   .-'   .           . ~  . ~      '-.
                .-'    .     ~ ~     . ~    .  ~ .    '-.
             .-' .  .     ~ ~ ~        . . .       . .  .'-.
          .-' .               ~ ~      .   .     .  .      .'-.
       .-'  .   .  .   . .  .  .        * *   .       .       .'-.
      '-. 1+ .  .                .    *  _  *          .         .'-.
         '-.      .                 *   |2| *  .        .          . '-.
            '-.    .                . *  *  .    .   .  .  .  _   .     '-.
               '-.  .     .      .  .         . .  .         |5|.      .-'
                  '-. . .  . ~   .                  .  ] [~ ~ ~ ] [ .-'
                     '-.  .    ~    _   ~              ~  . .  7 .-'
                        '-. .    ~ |4|   ~          . ~  .    .-'
                           '-. .  . .     . .  .   ~] [.   .-'
                              '-.   . .        ~ ~      .-'
                                 '-.  ] [~ ~ ~ ] [   .-'
                                    '-.  .  .  . ~.-'
                                       '-.     .-'
| | = Village/barracks (may include various defenses).
* * = Fortification/wall.
 +  = Tower (free-standing from village).
. . = Path (minor pathways not shown).
~ ~ = River, sea or lake.
] [ = Bridge or location for bridge.
1 = Start location.
2 = Pompey's encampment.
3 = Mercenary Camp (Syrian). Population 400.
4 = Mercenary Camp (Thracian). Population 400.
5 = Mercenary Camp (Macedonian). Population 400.
6-7 = Mercenary Berserkers.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
The main objective is to destroy the barracks in the Pomeian encampment (2 on the map above). There are three viable opening strategies, some allowing further variations. The first involves a direct assault on the enemy fortress. This is not as impossible as it sounds, although care is needed. The remaining two strategies first capture one or more bases - either the Syrian camp in the north (3 on the map above), or the Thracian camp to the south of your starting position (shown 4 on the map above). The Syrian camp is easier to reach but is likely to force the use a lot of Egyptian units and may prove harder to defend subsequently. The Thracian camp involves a much tougher fight, but allows the immediate production of Roman units and is probably easier to defend. Initially it is not practical to reach the third Macedonian village (5 on the map above) without fighting your way past either the fortress or one of the other villages.

In each case, approach the destination with caution, clearing all the ridges and forests before proceeding. Watch your rear because small groups of enemy raiders will appear behind you and cause carnage. Don't let the term 'raider' mislead you - the Macedonian groups typically include Praetorians and Balearic Slingers. Siege engines and ladders can temporarily be kept in the far western corner (at the starting point) without apparently attracting the attention of the enemy.

An immediate fortress attack is not the easiest strategy in my opinion, but may suit an offensive play style and does complete the mission relatively quickly. It may not be appropriate to 'hard' difficulty, but can be accomplished at 'normal'. When approaching the fortress, use the path direct from the starting position (obviously clearing nearby ridges first). Draw at least some of the Syrians guarding the western side of the fortress out into an ambush. Then charge everything except a reserve unit of Auxiliary Infantry towards the western corner of the fortress. Get an Assault Tower or ladder up onto the walls and/or order the Battering Ram to remove the south-west gate. Use your cavalry to kill various groups of enemy archers and siege engines outside the walls. Let your Praetorians lead the fight on the walls. That's about it for tactics - a mad battle with huge loses, but it is winnable. It works because the defenders on the opposite side of the fortress will not respond if the attack is restricted to one corner/gate of the fortress. I suggest using the south-west corner because it is easy to get to and slightly less well defended (significantly, not defended with Praetorians or Gladiators). Once the south-west corner of the fortress has been secured, destroy the gate. Now send a Catapult through the gate to attack the barracks. Build a new one if the original Catapults were destroyed. If the barracks is attacked at range the enemy units on the eastern side of the fortress will not respond until it is too late. Once the fortress has been destroyed, victory is declared.

The best way to capture mercenary villages is to kill the camp's Centurion/Official and Physician/Priest. Once killed, the village surrenders and its troops become neutral. When Quintus Tulius Cicero (your Centurion) comes within range of these neutral troops they will join your army. Killing the Centurion/Official and Physician/Priest therefore not only removes the need to fight all the camp's defenders, but also bolsters your army.

The Syrian camp (3 on the map above) is the easiest to capture, but is the most difficult to subsequently defend. It may ultimately favour players who excel at defense rather than attack. Use the woodland to the west of the village to your advantage, and target the Official and Priest as quickly as possible. It is likely the majority of the village's defenders will join with you, rather than get killed in the fight. While this gains many troops, Egyptian units are not renown for their survivability; their main advantage is a short training time. Basic Egyptian troops can be trained at the village. Alternatively, order the Official in the village to leave, and send in a Roman Centurion replacement. This will allow Roman units to be trained.

Capturing the Thracian camp (4 on the map above) involves a tougher fight, but ultimately the village is easier to defend. There is no easy approach to the village, and chances are you will be fighting over shallow water or grassland. The village is primarily defended by Roman units and you may fight most of them before getting a shot at the Centurion and Physician. From Random: "I pretty much had to do an all-out attack on the base to occupy their forces, while I had some horses run down their Centurion and priest. I lost a few men, but then you get their men back, so it was okay. Then you can start recruiting your own guys."

As soon as the village has been captured, and nearby troops acquired, heavily fortify the area. Use your spare Auxiliary Infantry to build towers, Catapults and Ballistas while fresh troops are being trained. The former Thracian village is the easiest to defend, as demonstrated by the difficulty in attacking it ;-) . But still place 6-7 towers and a similar number of war machines for a robust defense. The former Syrian village may need more defenses to stem the tide of incoming enemy units.

With a secure base, consider mounting an attack on the fortress - the method described above may be used, or a more subtle method of your choosing. Alternatively capture a second or even third base before taking the fortress. The main advantage of capturing subsequent camps is the overall reduction in the amount of attacks against your first camp. Clearly the additional troops help, as does the slight reduction in troops defending the fortress. The Macedonian camp in the south-east (5 on the map above) may also provide additional siege engines. (In my experience one of the camp's Centurions fled to one of the other villages, making capture of these units somewhat harder.) Attack from the south - there is a small wooded ridged area just to the south-west of the village that may be used to ambush the camp's defenders, and (once the broken bridge has been repaired) a back route into the village from the south. Lastly there are two groups of neutral mercenary Berserkers (marked 6 and 7 on the map above). These units will join your army if your troops come close.
Written by timski
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