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This section provides a 'walkthrough' for the single-player campaign. This is not a blow by blow account of precisely how to fight battles, rather a guide to possible strategies for meeting objectives. It is likely that personal preference for defensive or offensive styles or different troop deployments will affect how battles are fought. Where specific battles are particularly tough I have included some possible tactics. These may not be the only viable tactics; they are intended to help players that might otherwise regard the battle or mission as impossible to win.

The 'walkthrough' assumes 'normal' difficulty, except for the first two tutorial levels which can only be played as 'easy'. Difficulty settings affect a number of factors, including starting army, and overall intelligence and tactical ability of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) players. Some of the strategies presented may not be as effective at the 'hard' difficulty setting. Likewise, other options may be viable when playing 'easy'. All the strategies presented have been tested on 'normal' difficulty, so do work; although player inexperience with basic game concepts and troop usage may make some missions seem impossible regardless of strategy:

Many missions are tough. Even die-hard strategy fans or war-gamers will find themselves replaying some missions a few times before they are successful. This document will hopefully help, but cannot entirely replace the process of learning by trial and error. Don't be afraid to restart a few times when things go wrong: Although frustrating, you will get much better at playing. If you cannot get past a certain mission, even on 'easy', it is possible to edit the game to allow you to play subsequent missions - see Are there any cheats or trainers? Can I skip a level? below.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Basic maps have been provided in ASCII. They show important paths, rivers, bridges, villages and fortifications. They omit elevations and terrain types completely. These maps are not intended to show every detail, rather as a guide to the approximate position of mission critical elements such as villages or objectives. They should be used in conjunction with the in-game maps. Note that one can see all terrain once the mission starts - 'fog of war' only applies to hostile units. Compass point directions given in the text assume north is at the top of the page/screen, south at the bottom.

Missions last until all the objectives have been completed. Current objective status can be seen in-game by pressing F9, or Esc and selecting objectives from the menu. Some objectives simply need to be maintained throughout the mission, for example keeping a certain character alive. Other objectives can be completed during a mission and then forgotten about - such objectives appear as green on the in-game list. Objectives often change during a mission. They are shown in a format such as:

- Starting objective.
- + New objective once that starting objective is complete.
- Another starting objective.
+ Objective added during the mission (triggered by something other than another objective being met).

The starting units shown are those under your control at the outset; not allies or future reinforcements. The starting units listed are those on 'normal' difficulty, and may not be relevant to 'easy' or 'hard' (see What do the difficulty settings change? above). 'Available units' are troops types that may be trained, often later in the mission once a village has been gained. 'Available construction' indicates what infantry may build.
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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